DIY: Cross Necklace!

Hi everyone!
Today’s diy is going to be this cross necklace. It’s very simple so I thought that I might try to do a tutorial! So I did, and it turned out horrible! I’m not very good at explaining things, and especially not in english since it’s not my first language. But I decided to post it anyway, so here you go; a terrible tutorial!

Here’s what you’ll need:
• a pair of sticks.
• any kind of string, (I used white)
• leather strap
• pliers or scissors
• glue
• paint and brushes

1. Take your sticks and your pliers.
2. Measure out how you want your cross and cut of the sticks.
3. Paint the sticks in any color you want, I chose black. It don’t have to be perfectly painted!

4. Now it’s time for the string! I didn’t do this in any particular way, I think I just wrapped it around the stick randomly and when I was happywith how it turned out I secured it on the backof the cross with a doubleknot. Try to wrap it until you’re happy with the result.
5. I wanted the cross to look old so I took my fingernail and skratched some of the colors off. Thisis optional but I’m very happy with how it turned out!
6. Next up is the leather strap! Measure how long you want your strap to be and cut it a little bit longer.
7. Tie a knot, leaving enough strap to glue the cross onto. Glue the ends together. I used fabric glue.

8. Glue the cross onto the strap. I recomend not to use fabric glue like I did because I doesn’t work very well..
Wait for it to dry and it’s all done!!!

I hope you liked this tutorial and find it inspiering!
Since this was my first tutorial ever I would appreciate all the feedback I could get! Also, If you want me to do anything special, just comment!
Thank you!

My Bucket List!

Today’s project is a bucket list. I’ve always wanted to do this and today I finally took the time to do one! I started to paint the background. I chose to do stripes in 4 colors: baby blue, baby Pink, yellow and green. Then I wrote the things I wanted, you can write whatever
you want , your goals for the year for example! And then it’s done! I hope I’ve inspired you, it’s a really fun thing to do!




If you can’t read what it says it’s probably because it is in Swedish!